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Fudge Brownie

Crunchy from outside and soft from inside!

Rs. 150 Per Piece


Simply Addictive!

Small Pack: Rs. 355
Economy Pack: Rs. 500


A yum bite!
1. Choco-Pie
2. Lemon-Pie
3. Fruit and Cream-Pie

Rs. 100 Per Piece

Pendu Pastry

A traditional pastry with a variety of flavors!
1. Fully Fruity
2. Chocolate
3. Black Forest
4. Lemon
5. Raspberry
6. Strawberry
7. Pineapple
8. Fudge

Rs. 100 Per Piece

Challah Bread

Filled with cheez and chicken just made to satisfy your hunger!

Rs. 300 Per Loaf

Fruit cake

Yummy and just fruity!

Rs. 100 per slice

Cup Cake

Super delicious and mouth-watering treat for your sweet tooth!

Rs.90 per piece

Lemon Cake

Fluffy and sweet with lemon frosting

Rs. 100 per slice

Fully Fruity

Just fruity, moist and flavorful

Rs. 100 per slice

Orange Cake

Soft and tender bursting with fresh orange flavor

Rs. 100 per slice


Cookilicious treats made with pure butter and milk

Small Pack: Rs. 80
Large Pack: Rs. 175
1 KG: Rs. 1000

Tortes with seasonal fruits

The first-ever gluten-free , fat- free and guilt-free heaven's delight (full cakes)
1. Strawberry Torte
2. Clementine Torte
3. Apple Torte

Rs. 3000 per cake

1.Old Fashion Chocolate Dessert
2. Old Fashion Fruit Trifle

A sweet revival of old and traditional desserts

Each for Rs. 50 Per Serving

Rs. 300 Per Dish / 6 Servings in One Dish

Cake Rusks

A perfect-fit for your tea!

Rs. 1000 per kg

Apple Torte

Enriched with almond flour and sweetness of fresh apple

Rs. 358 per slice

Clementine Torte

A rich blend of almond flour with mouth-watering tangy twist of fresh orange

Rs. 358 per slice

Strawberry Torte

An amazing sweet treat of strawberry enriched with almond flour

Rs. 358 per slice

Banana Bread Slice

With richness of banana and butter

Rs. 100 per slice

Banana Walnut Bread Slice

Loaded with caramelized bananas and walnuts

Rs. 100 Per Slice

Gluten-Free Cup Cakes

A gluten-free sweet treat!

Rs. 200 Per Piece

A variety of vegan and vegetarian bread loaves

1. Whole Wheat Bread
2. Multigrain Bread
3 Milky White Bread
4 Austrian Bread

Rs. 100 Per Loaf

Out of the Box Meal

Unbox happiness, health and nature's best treasures all in one box

Rs. 125

Whole Wheat Frozen Puff Paratha

Healthy, simple and ready to eat!

Rs.100 For a Pack of 4 Parathas

Barley Frozen Puff Paratha

Just made for the weight watchers!

Rs. 100 For a Pack of 3 Parathas

Multigrain Frozen Puff Paratha

Loaded with nuts and nutrition!

Rs. 100 for a pack of 2 parathas

Chana Chaat

Taste with a twist!

Rs. 100 for a pack of 2 servings

Dahi bhalay

Super Yummy!

Rs.100 For a Pack of 2 Servings

Chana Chat

Taste with a twist!



A traditional samosa with a variety of fillings !

TASCA with Cheese filling

TASCA with Chicken filling

TASCA with chicken and cheese filling

TASCA with Macaroni filling

TASCA with Jams and Marmalades filling

Rs. 40 per piece



1. Orange Marmalade
2. Strawberry Jam
3. Apricot Jam
4. Apple Jam
5. Mango Jam
6. Plum Jam

Each for Rs. 20 for a 2 oz dip container


1. Hummus
2. Bbaba Ganoush 3. Chocolate spread 4. Salsa

Each for Rs. 20 for a 2 oz dip container

Sauces & Chatni

1. Tangi sauce 2.Carry Sauce
3. Imbli Sauce
4. Imbli and Date Sauce
5. Hari Chatni
6. Khoobani ki Chatni
7. Lal Chatni

Each for Rs. 20 for a 2 oz dip container