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The Founder

About the Founder

Roshina is a 58 years old mom, a loving daughter, and a grandmother, who decided to take a different route than what was considered as the only way to live a life at the time of her mother and grandmother. She rediscovered herself at the age of 55 and took a fresh start. A strong belief in living a happy, healthy and purposeful life has enabled her to start a revolution in homemade food.

Uzma Sultana

Project Manager

Having an MBA Degree in Human Resources, she is an ambitious Certified HR Professional. She has an extensive working experience in the fields of research and writing. While her journey for finding the universal truths for personal happiness, peace and wellbeing, she believes that there is a great need to synchronize the best knowledge and human practices with todays’ ever-changing and most-challenging world by providing them an amazing and a unique platform where people can learn and change their lives for a better future not only for themselves but for their future generations.

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